Investment Vehicles

So you are convinced on the fact that blockchain technology is the future, but how does a normal person with normal means make the most of this?

Well, this is exactly why I’m here. This page gives you some basic information on the three most common ways you can invest in blockchain technology, as well as the attributes of the different methods.

Three common ways of investing in blockchain:

This page was created to help you chose the investment vehicle most suited for your risk profile and technical knowledge. You no longer need to be a high-net-worth individual (though it will certainly help) to invest in blockchain technology.

  1. Cryptocurrency is the easiest and most popular way of investing in blockchain technology. It is generally the preferred method because of the ease of transaction as well as the lucrative returns on investments that many coins have been showing recently.
  2. Blockchain Platforms are the second most popular investment vehicles. These platforms develop blockchains for specific industries. There are several such platforms of different specifications and levels of maturity. Examples of platforms are Ripple, Ethereum, and the HyperLedger Project.
  3. Blockchain Stocks are less volatile and often preferred over cryptocurrencies due the lack of legal considerations. They can be purchased through traders just as any other category of stocks.

The link to each page explores the different vehicles in details as well as provides information on ways investors can start investing right away.

Which method you chose should reflect your personal risk appetite, as well as the larger well-being of your portfolio. To learn more about healthy investing habits and portfolio diversification, refer to the many resources available online (this is my personal favorite).